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guardian kingdoms build
How to Build Guardian (Sword and Shield) | Aura Kingdom, [Guide] PvE DPS Guardian - Bouclier - Aura Kingdom, Guardian | Aura Kingdom Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia, Aura Kingdom Guardian/Bard Tank Guide | GuideScroll, Latest UK news | The Guardian, Aura Kingdom Guardian/Duelist DPS Tank Guide | GuideScroll, My Little Khai Guardian|Crusader [Aura Kingdom] – Khai , How to Play and Build Bard | Aura Kingdom, Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Character Builds Guide.

Bard: The best sub to deal the most damage. 12% dmg from Tunes of March is the easiest way to increase a guardian's dps. It's easy to have ballad in a guardian's rotation without feeling that it's a hassle. Ambient Drone's AoE stun can also be a life saver especially when paired with a +5 meter secret stone. If for some reason you lack DEF as a guardian, you can use % DEF Ballad mastery for about 1.5k-2k extra DEF. Only problem with Bard sub is that you have to roll/find a blue/white nocturnal+boss damage harp. Currently there is no orange harp with boss damage until 70 harps come out. I'd also like to mention that if you have elemental damage and elemental armors, your holy notes will pretty much heal you to full. Bard sub offers no combo skills or gap closer. If you find it bothersome to ballad every 7-9 seconds, then you won't benefit much from bard sub.. Guardian is the main tank of the game in Aura Kingdom. To be a good tank, you will have to understand several key mechanics of the game. In this complete guide, we will discuss all of the main point that makes you a strong and wanted tank in the game.. Written by: philx495-----Since there is a lack of a dps guardian guide I decided to make one. If you're looking for a guide on being a meatshield tank, then go here EVA Guardian Guide, a guide I wrote many months ago that still works for our current content..
Guardian is a melee class who wields the Sword and Shield as their weapons of choice. Guardians can use the skill Absolute Defense to provide a shield in front of them to protect their allies from behind. Absolute Defense can be held for four seconds and can block any linear AoE attack.. Aura Kingdom Guardian/Bard Tank Guide by xzpwnz24. More will be added/edited later, feel free to ask questions and/or comment. This guide will focus purely on how to optimize the best end game pve tank. The Guardian - Back to home. Support The Guardian Available for everyone, funded by readers Contribute Subscribe Contribute Search jobs Sign in My account Comments & replies Public profile Account . Aura Kingdom Guardian/Duelist DPS Tank Guide While there are a whole slew of builds floating around, there are a handful of more popular choices that may come to mind when you think “optimal”. Guardian/Bard is often picked for their ability to self heal, and Guardian/Ravagers excel at their ability to AOE tank. Guardian/Gunslingers possess a fair amount of burst which can be quite . Now i want to share a bit about my build Guardian. This is Critical build Guardian.. This Guardian is Dps [Damager] way not a Full tank [ Defensive] Guardian.. This is very difficult to use it DPS guardian.. Why? because you have a lot work need to do , which are Controlling Aggro , Killing…. Bard is the supportive class of the game in Aura Kingdom, in this guide, we will discuss a little bit on everything that you need to know about building your bard in terms of stats builds, gears, eidolon, envoy’s path, secondary weapon..
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