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Lord Commander is shown to be extremely cruel, psychopathic, sadistic, manipulative, monstrous, power-mad, and tyrannical, not hesitating to use his powers to hurt, mutilate, or kill whoever displeases him, which he takes great enjoyment from. He cares very little for other life and is willing to slaughter an entire prison camp in order to set up a trap for Gary and Avocato in . The Lord Commander also appears to enjoy playing with his victims and takes great pride in being able to outsmart them, appearing angered when his plans do not surprise those he wants to terrorize. He is also deeply selfish, egomaniacal, and arrogant, as he desires to become a titan while not caring about what happens to the universe as a result. His arrogance stems from the fact that he believes that the titans chose him to become one of them.. The Space Commander is found in the Crater Biome. Shoot it from ranged, you're going to be taking heavy damage if you try this from melee.. Space Commander Luthor Gender Male Race Human Aggressiveness Heroes Hostile Villains Friendly Space Commander Luthor is a member of the Council of Luthor which aims to counter the actions of the Council of Batmen. One of the many anomalies that arose as a result of Future Batman and Future Lex.
Space Commander Species: Human Gender: Male Affiliation: Terran Federation Appearance: Hostage Main actor: Andrew Robertson A Terran Federation Space Commander led an assault on the Liberator. The attack failed, and he was ordered by Servalan to place himself under arrest. (B: Hostage). Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) is a major command of the United States Air Force, with its headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. AFSPC supports U.S. military operations worldwide through the use of many different types of space operations.. Space Commander was a mid-23rd century title for a Starfleet officer in charge of a starship base. In 2266, José Dominguez was the Space Commander of Corinth IV. (TOS : "The Man Trap "). Space Commander the ideal solution to apartment storage and garage storage problems. Our over car bonnet storage cabinets, and BikeBox keep your belongings secure.. Location: J6 Space - Game Menu Price: 12,000 Gold Sellback: 3,000 Gold Rarity: Rare Rarity Description: Take command of the stars! The distinctive black stripe marks you as a legendary Space Commander!. Little is known about the origin of Lord Commander except he was a member of the Infinity Guard named Jack who was also John Goodspeed's friend for 29 years. During Chapter Eight as the energy wave and antimatter blast collided with the ship, he gained his powers and an evil presence overcame.
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