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deep space nine commander eddington
Michael Eddington | Memory Alpha | FANDOM powered by Wikia, List of recurring Star Trek: Deep Space Nine characters , DS9: Eddington's Federation Rant, Deep Space 9 and Commander Eddington (spoilers) [Archive , Eddington, Michael | Star Trek, Michael Eddington | Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki , "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" The Adversary (TV Episode , Ken Marshall - IMDb, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Wikipedia.

The revelation that Eddington was a member of the Maquis came as a complete surprise to Ken Marshall. (, Vol. 29, Nos. 6/7, pp. 52 & 53; , Special #28, p. 22) "Boom, Eddington's a Maquis," he exclaimed. "This revelation added a bit of anxiety to the character. After all, he's got to feel some kind of loyalty towards Starfleet and the way they do things. Part of him was experiencing the pang of having betrayed his uniform, so for him there was this natural sense of loss." (, Special #28, p. 22) Marshall's total surprise at learning of the character alteration was because the change wasn't discussed with him prior to Marshall receiving and reading the script of "For the Cause". "Ira Behr [then] called me and told me why they were doing it, why they thought it would be an interesting choice to make for Eddington," Marshall reported. In hindsight, he pondered, "It actually all makes good sense in a way. To get to the level where he's gotten in Starfleet, the sophistication and life in the Federation has developed to such a level that I think it becomes easy to lose touch with what's real and organic in life. You see this happen all the time. People have these little epiphanies. They wake up and they realize this isn't really what life should be all about. Maybe it should be about something else. It should be about more personal, caring things. I think he was ripe to attach himself to this cause because of that [....] It certainly made his character more interesting than if he just continued on the station as security chief when you have Worf, who was also a security chief, and Odo." (, Vol. 29, Nos. 6/7, pp. 53 & 52) Marshall also said, "I always played him just as he was, a 100 per cent top-notch Starfleet security officer, highly trained. He's never doing anything that's self-serving, so I don't think that you can condemn him because of that. He's really [helping the Maquis] with the idea of helping someone else. It's not to serve his own ends. So, it is set up, and not a black and white kind of thing. I like that. There's grey in there, which is realistic. There are, after all, two sides to every story." (, p. 50) However, since viewers had begun to see that Eddington was possibly not so antagonistic as they had first suspected him to be, they were shocked to discover he was actually leader of the Maquis. ("Marshall Decree", Dreamwatch, issue 37, p. 51). (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion, p. 418) Ken Marshall found it appropriate that Eddington saw himself as Jean Valjean, commenting, "It showed that Eddington's obviously well read. He was a thinker and like Sisko said, a romantic.. This is a list of secondary characters from the science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Characters are ordered alphabetically by family name, and only characters who played a significant major role in the series are listed..
Which problems are you experiencing with the suggested videos on this page? Select all that apply.. I've recently read the Deep Space Nine Companion (a behind the scenes book with breakdowns of each episode and lots of interview snippets) and Eddington as an homage doesn't ring a bell at all.. Upon Eddington's reveal as a member of the Maquis, Sisko vowed to capture his traitorous former officer, although the two eventually formed a deep, mutual respect. IA romantic, Eddington died in 2373 saving his wife and Sisko from Jem'Hadar forces.. Michael Eddington (also known as Paul Eddington) was a Starfleet Lieutenant Commander of Canadian origin assigned to Deep Space 9 and the USS Defiant in 2371. Eddington would later desert Starfleet and become a prominent leader of the Maquis .. There's a party on Deep Space Nine, as Sisko has just been promoted to captain. Ambassador Krajensky is in attendance, but, he's there to tell of a coup which just took place on the Tzenkethi home world.. Ken Marshall was born on June 27, 1950 in New York City, New York, USA as Kenneth Marshall. He is an actor, known for Krull (1983), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993) and Marco Polo (1982)..
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