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johnny space commander snl
Johnny Space Commander, SNL Halloween Johnny Space Commander Mask. This vintage , SNL Transcripts: Charles Grodin: 10/29/77: Consumer Probe, Recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches , Enclave: Peddling This Johnny Space Commander Fantasy, Holiday Film Reviews: Saturday Night Live: "Charles Grodin , Johnny Space Commander Game - Play online at, ‘Saturday Night Live’: Cast Members on Most Memorable , Watch Saturday Night Live Highlight: Judge Judy - Aykroyd .

Nick The Lounge Singer was one of 's most popular recurring characters during his tenure on SNL. The character was a typical 1970s who sang current songs in a drawn-out, schmaltzy manner, and was typically accompanied by on . Nick always had a different 'seasonal' last name (i.e. Nick Summers, Nick Springs, etc.) or sometimes a surname more specific to the sketch (for instance, if he were performing at a , he would be "Nick Slammer") and, although he would perform at such unfortunate gigs as airport bars and dives, he would always sing his heart out. He would often take the popular songs of the time and change some of the lyrics to suit the occasion or the setting. In between songs, Nick would schmooze and joke with the audience, chiding them in a harmless showbiz fashion. In one episode, he spotted (that episode's musical guest) in the audience and proceeded to sing a very uncomfortable and unamused Ronstadt a medley of her hits until her bodyguard (played by ) finally punches him.. “the funniest damn comic book . SNL Halloween Johnny Space Commander Mask. This vintage SNL skit starring Dan Aykroyd as Irwin Mainway selling his Halloween costume of Johnny Space Commander Mask. Jane Curtain: "Mr. Mainway, your company manufactures and distributes this Halloween costume, 'Johnny Space Commander Mask,' which retails for $6.95. It's nothing more than a .
[ picks it up and holds it ] ..Johnny Space Commander mask, which retails for $6.95. It's nothing more than a plastic bag and a rubber band. This is It's nothing more than a plastic bag and a rubber band.. The following is a list of recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches introduced between September 18, 1976, and May 21, 1977, the second season of SNL.. This Johnny Space Commander mask here is a pure fantasy toy. I mean, you know, kids can have a lot of fun with a toy like this, you know? Let me show you... Irwin Mainway wears his "Johnny Space Commander" mask. Face is disgusted by the costumes, Mainway (a personification of sleaze) dismisses her concerns. He says each costume is a "pure fantasy toy.". Aliens from Outer Space threaten the Earth! Grab your ray gun, freshen up your crew cut, and jump inside your rocket ship to fend them off! As Johnny Space Commander, Hero of the Space Patrol, you will battle your way across space!. The fact that someone wrote this and a show as esteemed as Saturday Night Live actually produced and he had a Johnny Space Commander mask that was basically just a plastic bag and a rubber .
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