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rise of nations empire earth
Is this like Empire Earth? :: Rise of Nations: Extended , Rise of Nations Gold Edition vs. Empire Earth: Gold , rise of nations vs empire earth 2!!!!!! what do you think , Rise of Nations, Empire Earth, Age of Empires, what , Compared to Empire Earth 1 :: Rise of Nations: Extended , Rise of Nations vs. Empire Earth vs. Age of Empires II , Empire Earth Vs Rise of Nations | SpaceBattles Forums, Rise of Nations or Empire Earth 2? - PC/Mac/Linux Society , Rise of Nations, or Empire Earth II? | AnandTech Forums .

RoN is like a combination of Empire Earth and Civilization. There are some differents (both good and bad) between EE and RoN:- The gap between the first and last era is much shorter in RoN, because everything go much faster - building, research, resource gathering and so on. In RoN, you can easily reach the last era within 1-1½ hours, while in EE, this will take at least 4 hours. And a game is at all completed much faster in RoN, than in EE - again, because of the faster training, resource gathering and such. EE offers more depth in a game, because of this.- The territory issue- Siege and aircraft units in RoN are ridiculously underpowered against units. You can bomb a single infantry squad (with 3 units) with a Bomber for several minutes, before they die. In EE, a single Bomber can take out an entire squad of infantry...- Rare resources, that gives an extra ability (like stronger defense buildings, faster research and such)- World map single player campaign, and 4 other campaigns (Alexander the Great, New World, Napoleon and Cold War)- One of the biggest difference between EE and RoE, much be the different civilizations. EE just have one, "plain" civilization, you could customize with 100 point, and add things like more HP for units, more attack power and such. In RoE, every civs have some unique traits, unique units (often between 3-4), and there are whole 8 different sets of skins (USA, America, Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, India, Asia and Korea). . Rise of Nations has higher production value and a terrific soundtrack (not that EE had a bad one but RoN has some really memorable pieces - just watch the trailer, that one is one of the musics that you can hear during a battle).. Download the best games on Windows & Mac. A vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free goodies, customer love, and one fair price for all regions..
well i got the game rise of nations, but when buying this game i saw empire earth 2, i wanted rise of nations because i thought it would be better.. The newest game I can think of with this kind of play style is Empire Earth 2, released in 2005. Empire Earth Three was terrible, and while they were fine games in their own rights, neither Rise of Legends or Age of Empires Three do their predecessors justice. They both moved towards this idea of a fast-paced combat oriented game. While it's great to be able to go back and play these . Imho Empire Earth is a lot more similar to AoE than RoN. But I can tell you that you can make this game just as fast as you want, cause before battle you can set the rate at which you gain resources and also price and speed of research.. First post here in the forum. Been awhile since I've checked out the heavengames sight, and saw this new game up, checked it out, and it looks really good.. Rise of nations: [media] vs Empire Earth [media] Which game did you enjoy more? And which one would win a battle between the two?. Rise of Nations with the Thrones and Patriots expansion was one hellva RTS game and as such gets my vote over EE2..
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