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DIYSuperAudit is a specialist SMSF auditor offering a highly responsive tailored service

Responsive SMSF Auditors

As a specialist SMSF audit firm we focus all our attention and resources on the provision of timely and efficient audit reports for your clients. We have invested in tools and processes which enable us to be highly responsive in delivering services in this increasingly complex niche field.

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DIYSuperAudit works collaborative with professional SMSF service providers

Collaborative SMSF Support

Our goal is to support you in delivering the highest level of service to your clients - we are your partners rather than competitors. Our processes, proceedures and systems are designed to allow you to get on with delviering higher value services to your clients. How do we work with you?

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DIYSuperAudit is a genuinely independent SMSF auditor - we offer no other services

Independent SMSF Audits

We are a specialist SMSF audit firm and do not provide any other services guaranteeing independence & potentially reducing the risk of an ATO audit and compliance breaches. Our sole focus is on delivering superior SMSF audit services and continually evaluating the impact of rapidly changing SMSF legislation for you and your clients.

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DIYSuperAudit was structured as an SMSF audit only firm

Efficient SMSF Audits

We support the success of your business by delivering our services in a seamless and efficient manner. We are typically able to provide SMSF audits at a lower cost than non specialised firms can do using their own internal resources. What does this mean for you?

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SMSF Audit specialist for accountants, advisors and Self Directed Trustees. SMSF Audits only - Totally independent.

DIYSuperAudit specialises in providing independent & cost effective SMSF Audits

1 Who we are 

DIYSuperAudit is a Chartered Accounting practice that specialises in the audit of SMSF’s (“Self Managed Super Funds”). We work with small to medium sized accounting firms, financial advisors and self directed trustees to deliver quality SMSF audits in a professional and highly efficient manner. We have designed our systems to maximise the efficiency of our SMSF audits and to streamline our interactions with you.

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2 Our Services

We are specialist ASIC registered SMSF Auditors who work collaboratively with our fellow professional firms. We provide no other accounting or financial advisory services and have no relationships with financial institutions. All work is undertaken in Australia by Australian qualified professionals.


Services for Trustees

Our Audit Processes

3 Fee structure

Our fees are based on the complexity and extent of work required to audit each SMSF, however; to provide upfront pricing certainty for our clients we have a tiered pricing structure for SMSF audits with funds defined as Simple, Standard and Sophisticated. This is described in detail on our Fees page. We also have a downloadable pricing model which allows Accountants and Advisors to see our fee calculation to audit multiple funds, including calculation of applicable volume discounts.

SMSF Audit cost

4 Contact us

Toll free : 1300 733 159
PO Box 1165
Maroubra Junction, NSW, 2035

SMSF Auditor Number : 100003861
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DIY Super Audit - cost effective SMSF audits - independent smsf auditors

SMSF auditors for chartered accountants and CPAs

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