DIYSuperAudit : Name & Philosphy

SMSF Audit should deliver more than just a compliance sign off .... it should deliver peace of mind.

DIYSuperAudit – our name and logo

As our name suggests we provide SMSF audits for DIY Super funds. Unlike many providers of SMSF Audits, this is all we do. We have consciously decided to specialise in this increasingly complex field in order to provide the most responsive, expert, efficient and best value service.

DIY Super Audit - cost effective SMSF audits - independent smsf auditors

Our logo – a stylised pryamid with an embedded greeen tick reflects our passionate belief that DIY Super Funds represent the superior savings and investment vehicle for individuals with larger superannuation balances. The stylised pyramid is based on our belief that a carefully structured SMSF, with a strong structure and foundations, and subsequent layers of protection building on each other, will provide a robust, long lasting financial structure capable of withstanding challenges from markets, regulators and changing individual circumstances.  The discreetly embedded green tick represents the final independent SMSF audit and approval by DIYSuperAudit.

What it means for you

‘DIYSuperAudit’ aims to deliver more than just the necessary SMSF audit sign-off. Rather, we try to give our clients confidence that their funds are soundly structured and able to comply with regulations as they currently stand and are ready to respond to foreshadowed legislation. We aim to work with advisors to ensure that emerging issues are flagged to their clients and appropriate strategies developed and implemented. We aim to support our clients with emails and technical information on changing superannuation regulations.

DIYSuperAudit’s key characteristics

  • We are SMSF Audit specialists – We only provide SMSF Audit services so you deal with specialists not generalists and benefit from our expertise.
  • Specialisation delivers efficiency – As a specialist SMSF Audit practice we have been able to achieve efficiencies that less focused practices have not been able to acheive – this means better value and more responsive services for you.
  • You remain the client interface – We never contact your clients – you continue to control all client interactions.
  • We are genuinely independent – We have no relationships with any advisory firms and no referral arrangements.
  • We offer a low risk solution – Use of a genuinely independent SMSF auditor represents professional best practice and lowers your clients and your own risks.

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