Efficient SMSF Audits

Efficiency both internally, and in the way we work with you, maximises the benefits to your practice.

Efficient SMSF Audit solutions …

DIYSuperAudit has been built from the ground up as a specialist SMSF Audit firm. We have designed our processes, tools, systems and training to ensure we can provide the most efficient SMSF audit solutions for our clients whether they are small to medium sized accounting firms, financial planners, SMSF administrators or, increasingly, Self Directed Trustees who do their own administration.

Less time arranging SMSF audits, more time on higher value client work ….

Importantly, efficiency is not just a priority in regard to our own internal processes. We have designed our tools and processes to maximise your efficiency by ensuring you spend as little time as possible arranging SMSF audits, and the maximum time focusing on other billable work. Examples of the tools we provide to drive your efficiency are:

  • our File portal system which allows for quick and easy uploading and amendment of files, including files that are normally too big to send via email. We provide a secure login to our file portal which allows you to upload and amend files as necessary. No bouncing emails. No time spent checking if files got through. No worries about wrong email addresses.
  • Pre-agreed pricing models We understand you want to know in advance what our SMSF Audit fee will be …. and that you don’t want to spend time calling us and get a quote every time. We have therefore developed a simple model with three tiers of pricing (Simple, Standard and Sophisticated) reflecting the complexity of a fund. We outline the criteria for each tier of SMSF audit pricing and its associated SMSF Audit fee. We also have a downloadable model which allows you to test which tier a Self Manged Super fund will fall into
  • Volume discounts – email for our Professional Partner Pricing pack which calculates SMSF Audit fee discounts for volume work. Further discounts also apply when we are auditing multiple funds with similar features (eg using similar Trust deeds, Platforms etc) – we share these efficiencies with you.
  • “DIYSuperAudit User Induction Manual” for distribution to your team. The User Induction Manual quickly and simple describes our processes and proceedures including examples of all the documents DIYSuperAudit will provide – this allows your staff to get up to speed quickly.

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