SMSF Audit Fees

SMSF audit fee structure … clear and simple

One of the key factors in the success of a Self Managed Super Fund is cost control. In addition, our professional partners require price certainty and easy invoicing. Accordingly our SMSF audit pricing is based on the following principles:

  • SMSF Audit Fees that are totally transparent – our fees are separately itemised and are not bundled together with other services.
  • SMSF Audit Fees that are based on the extent and complexity of work required – not determined as a % of assets in the fund
  • SMSF Audit Fees that are known in advance
  • SMSF Audit Fees that are simple to understand.

Based on these principles we have developed a tiered pricing structure which applies to most SMSFs. Funds are categorised as Simple, Standard or Sophisticated based on measures of complexity. The table below sets out the typical characteristics of each category and associated SMSF Audit fee.

The pricing set out below is based on the audit of a single fund prepared using dedicated SMSF accounting software (eg BGL SF360/Class/McLowd). We recognise there are significant efficiencies associated with auditing multiple SMSFs particularly where they have a similar structure (eg similar trust deed). Accordingly we offer attractive SMSF audit fee volume discounts to accountants, financial planners and SMSF Administrators with multiple funds which require auditing. For additional information see the notes at the bottom of the page or click the button at the bottom of the page to request our Professional Partners Pricing pack.

Notes : “Investments” includes each Bank Account, Fixed Deposit, Cash Management Account, Listed share and Managed Fund. “Transaction” includes deposit, withdrawal, dividend, purchase or sale. Funds with Contraventions, unlisted related party investments or loans, Collectibles/bullion, multiple properties, multiple loans or more investments than listed above will be subject to individual pricing using the above table as a guide. Please contact DIYSuperAudit to request pricing. Newly formed funds which have acquired properties using Limited Recourse Loans are assessed on an individual basis depending on the number of other assets held. The fees above assume fund data is uploaded to our site in electronic format. Additional fees will be charged where we are required to scan extensive documentation eg Trust Deed, bank statements & multiple share dividend slips (minimum $100 fee). The table of fees above assume fund accounts are prepared using a dedicated SMSF accounting software package such as BGL360, Class or McLowd. Where fund financial statements are prepared using bespoke solutions (eg Excel/Word) a fee uplift of $150+GST will normally be charged to cover the additional professional time required to become familiar with and understand each unique bespoke solution. 

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If you have a fund with a mix of assets which does not easily fit into our pricing tiers (for example funds in the process of wind-up, multple years to be audited) we would be happy to provide a tailored quote for you using the above table as a starting point. Please provide additional details of your fund via the Request an Audit button above using the Fund profile and Special Requirements boxes

SMSF Audit fee volume discounts for Accountants, Financial planners and SMSF Administrators

The pricing table above is based on the audit of a single SMSF. DIYSuperAudit is able audit multiple SMSFs more efficiently than auditing standalone funds, particularly where the funds have similar structures (eg similar trust deed) and information in a similar format. Accordingly we offer significant SMSF audit fee volume discounts to our professional partners based on the number of funds, characteristics of those funds and the level of standardisation between funds. For details of our SMSF audit fee volume discount structure please click the button below to request our Professional Partners Pricing pack and we will send you a model with detailed pricing for your portfolio of SMSF funds.  

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