SMSF Audits for Accountants & Advisors

We only provide SMSF audit services. We never contact your clients directly.

Accountants are the main SMSF service provider ….

Statistics from the Cooper review indicate that more than 70% of SMSF’s are established in consultation with a client’s Accountant/Tax agent and more than 40% of funds are established in consultation with the client’s Financial Planner. DIYSuperAudit recognizes that Accountants and Financial Planners are the first point of call for most Trustees and aim to support your client relationships by providing an efficient, cost effective and quality SMSF audit service to you.

Our only service is SMSF audits …

DIYSuperAudit does not provide any other accounting, tax, financial planning or SMSF administration services. We have no referral arrangements with accountants, planners or financial institutions. Our only service and our sole focus is the delivery of SMSF audits. Our success is totally dependent on the quality of our SMSF audit service to you.

Is there a better SMSF audit solution?

Ongoing ATO initiatives have highlighted the need for SMSF auditors to be both independent and expert, a trend which will continue with the implementation of compulsory SMSF auditor registration. This trend will require accounting practices to undertake extensive and ongoing SMSF audit training, require additional regulatory returns and incur additional registration fees. Even if practices go down this path, many will still have the independence issue to address. There is an alternative!

DIYSuperAudit offers small to medium sized accounting firms an opportunity to have SMSF Audit activities undertaken by a cost effective, independent and specialized SMSF Auditor. We offer attractive volume based SMSF Audit fee discounts to our Professional Partners in recognition of the efficiencies which flow from auditing multiple self managed super funds from professional firms – if you would like details of the discount structures please click on the link below to request our Professional Partners Pricing pack.

Request Professional Partners Pricing pack

The DIYSuperAudit service offers:

  • Genuinely independent SMSF audit service representing professional best practice in the eyes of professional bodies and regulatory agencies (particularly the ATO)
  • Lowest risk solution for you and your clients – the ATO has indicated they intend to undertake data matching of tax agent and SMSF Auditor addresses
  • Reduces training and regulatory costs associated with complying with forthcoming SMSF Auditor Registration regime
  • Protects your client relationships – we offer no other accounting services and never contact Trustees directly. We always discuss potential issues with you in the first instance.
  • Frees you and your staff to focus on higher value and more engaging work
  • Efficiency for your practice – we have tools and processes designed streamline interactions with your firm (eg. our secure file upload system eliminates bouncing emails, tiered pre-agreed SMSF Audit Fee structure gives you certainty as to pricing without needing to obtain audit fee quotes for each new fund, our User Induction Manual allows your staff to get up to speed quickly).
  • Offers you assured service levels (with fee reductions applied if we do not achieve committed performance levels)
  • A competitive fixed SMSF Audit fee structure (which in many cases is lower than your in-house cost) with attractive discounts based on fund volumes and level of standardization across funds
  • Invoicing based on individual fund enabling you to on-charge your clients easily
  • A consultative partnership style approach

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