SMSF Audit Process

Streamlined proceedures to reduce the time you spend supplying information

  • Within 4 hours of completing Engage DIYSuperAudit Request (or sending us an email outlining your requirements) we will send you our Engagement Pack comprising Engagement Letter, SMSF Audit Checklist, Trustee Representation Letter and Secure File Portal login details. Fees will be as set out in our tiered pricing model (See Fees page). 
  • We commence our SMSF Audit once the information outlined in the SMSF Audit Checklist is uploaded or mailed. You can view the SMSF Audit Checklist by clicking on the highlighted text. Should there be any items which require additional information or require clarification we will, in the first instance, contact you via email. Assuming all SMSF Audit requirements are available and there are no contraventions we will have completed our audit within 10 (or fewer) business days.
  • For practices with multiple funds to be audited, we can visit your office to gather the necessary SMSF audit documentation if this is more convienent
  • If you have SMSF audits which require a more rapid turn-around (eg a client meeting in several days time), please advise us in advance and we will try to accomodate your requirements.
  • We email you when the SMSF audit is complete. In the case of Accountants and Advisors, the SMSF Audit Report (and Management Letter) will be issued immediately.  In the case of Self Directed Trustees, the SMSF Audit Report will be issued once invoice is paid.

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