SMSF Audits for Self Directed Trustees

We don't only work with professional service providers is enabling Trustees to take full control of their DIY Super administration

Self Directed SMSF Trustees a growing trend …. 

Historically, administration of DIY Super Funds was solely the domain of accountants and specialised SMSF administration services. However, in recent years software packages focused on SMSF administration have improved in both functionality and ease of use.  Competitive software pricing and enhanced online banking and trading services has meant that investors are now able to undertake a substantial portion of their own super fund administration (if they are prepared to invest the necessary time!). Recently published data indicated that 17% of Self Managed Super Fund trustees claimed they undertake all their own administration – so you are not alone!

DIYSuperAudit works with Self Directed SMSF Trustees

At DIYSuperAudit we work with increasing numbers of what we call “Self Directed Trustees”. They range from Trustees who undertake all their own administration (including making investments, preparing accounts, submitting their annual SMSF return and arranging SMSF audit) through to those who enlist professional support as required whilst still controlling the overall administration of the fund.

As a specialist SMSF audit firm our services are well suited to the needs of Self Directed Trustees. In particular:

  • We only provide Self Managed Super Audits – we are not in the business of trying to sell you accounting, tax or financial planning advice.
  • SMSF audits are our sole priority – and will not be pushed behind other compliance work
  • As SMSF audit specialists we undertake significantly more super audits than most accounting firms….and we have probably already worked with funds similar to yours.
  • Our SMSF Audit fee structure is simple, transparent and known in advance …. you do not need to call us or send fund details just to get an indicative price! Our tiered SMSF Audit fee structure categorises most funds as Simple, Standard or Sophisticated based on a number of simple measures and provides a pre-agreed pricing framework.
  • We support Self Directed Trustees with regular email updates (no more than once a month we promise!), our blog of topical articles and and our Resources Page

Additional questions …. feel free to call!

Finally, if you are Self Directed Trustee who has a question which is not addressed elsewhere on our site, please feel free to email or phone to discuss. We are passionate supporters of DIY Super and will endeavour to solve your issue or recommend where you can get appropriate assistance.

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